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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC

TnT Paranormal Network (TPN) - Florida Chapter

As a volunteer organization, TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC seeks out only those individuals with the highest level of commitment to the field of paranormal investigation and research; as well as those with the utmost integrity and professionalism.  Our team is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds, skills sets, and career paths that provide us with a strong and well rounded team.

Meet our Staff


Founder and Lead Investigator

Melissa has held an interest in the paranormal since growing up in SW Missouri and being exposed to civil war battlefields and mining sites where activity was reported. Melissa is part skeptic and part believer and loves to try to debunk reported sightings. Before, starting TnT Paranormal Investigations, Melissa has investigated with several paranormal groups, as well as investigated at some of the most haunted locations in America. She has over 8 years of paranormal investigation experience and has used those experiences to hone her skills as a paranormal investigator. Melissa is also the editor and a contributor for the newsletter Bumps in the Night, a TnT Paranormal monthly newsletter.

Melissa, along with co-founder Annette Turner, formed TnT Paranormal Investigators in the fall of 2009. Melissa and TnT Paranormal Investigators have conducted close to a hundred investigations in its short existence. Most of those investigations being for clients that have contacted us for assistance.

Melissa has spoken at over 80 conferences, libraries, historical societies, museums, and park districts on various topics related to the paranormal from the basic to being an investigator to the dangers of provoking. She has also been featured guest on several radio stations across the US and had a few television interviews. Melissa has had many interviews and articles published in newspapers, newsletters, and magazines across the US. In 2011, Melissa was featured in Season 2 of My Ghost Story with data from a local Chicago case. In 2014, Melissa was awarded the Investigator of the Year award from the Paranormal Award.

Melissa is very grateful to her family, friends, spouse, two step-daughters, and dogs (Chintu, Saffie, Mattie, Tango, Ash, and honorary dog Dexter) for allowing her to follow this passion.  Some other hobbies for Melissa include watching movies, listening to music, reading, Halloween, and playing the guitar.


Lead Investigator and Case Manager

Tracey grew up in a small rural town in NE Kansas in a house that had a lot of unexplainable activity.  She moved to Illinois in March of 2001.  She has had many paranormal experiences from childhood into adulthood and it has encouraged her to continue her interest in what lies beyond.  Tracey is both a believer and a skeptic when it comes to sightings/claims.  She is dedicated to helping people who feel they have paranormal activity by finding explanations whether or not the activity is paranormal in nature.  For the last two years Tracey has participated by acting in a neighborhood "Haunted Garage", as Halloween is her favorite holiday.  In her spare time she loves to fish, listen to music, read (mostly Stephen King), watch Ghost Hunters, and spend time with her two wonderful little girls, her partner, and their dogs, Mattie and Ash.


Investigator in Training

Krissy was born and raised in Florida, and after spending 20 years in Atlanta, recently moved to Ocoee where she lives with her husband and three kitties.  Krissy has two grown sons who are attending college in Atlanta.  Krissy works as a Technical Trainer for a software company, but has also spent time as a bail bondsman/bounty hunter and fraud investigator.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in Criminology/Criminal Justice.  Aside from the paranormal, Krissy enjoys reading, going on cruises, watching The Walking Dead and anything comic/super hero related.


Investigator in Training

Sean is 29 years old and currently lives in Brevard County, Florida. While being new in regard to paranormal investigation, Sean is a quick learner. Sean loves helping people no matter the situation. In Sean's free time he enjoys racing and often spends hours studying the cars telemetry data to figure out to improve each and every race. Sean will bring a mixture of compassion and professionalism to TnT Paranormal.


Data Reviewer

Shannon was born and raised (and still resides in) SW Missouri and had held an interest in the paranormal ever since she was a child.  As a child growing up in and around old civil war battle sites, former lead mines, and the famous SW MO "spook light" she had a lot of exposure to the paranormal and "weird" events.  In addition to the paranormal, Shannon loves sports, movies, motorcycle riding, reading books, and her three dogs (Marley, Sir Lancelot, and Remington).


Data Reviewer

Terry is a long time alternative thinker (read, retired hippie) who lives in the woods near Columbia, Missouri with his wife and assorted critters. He spends a lot of time reading, writing, and woodworking. He also enjoys spending as many nights as possible gliding through dark creepy places with electronic devices in his hands (aka paranormal investigating).  Terri is also a member of MPRINT.

Meet Our Consultants

Rev. Kathy Houck, Shamanic Practitioner and Parapsychologist

Rev. Kathy Houck is a Shamanic Practitioner, Parapsychologist and ordained minister. She lives in Akron, Ohio with her two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs and a Ball Python named Thor. A mother of three children and grandmother of four, Kathy has spent the last twenty-five years in the field of paranormal research. She volunteers her time as a consultant for several paranormal groups throughout the Midwest. Kathy instructs classes on Demonology, Parapsychology, Jungian Shadow Work and Shamanic Journey Work for groups and seminars.

Drake Spaeth, Psy. D., Shamanic Counselor and Clinical Psychologist

Drake Spaeth Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist, shamanic counselor, professor, and ordained minister.  He teaches courses and workshops in trauma, PTSD, spirituality, shamanism, and Jungian and Existential-Humanistic psychotherapy.  He also regularly presents on these subjects at academic conferences.

Mother Rev. Bishop Kristina Rake,  Charismatic Universalist Church

Rev. Bishop Kristina Rake is a psychic medium, healer, paranormal investigator, theologian, head of the Charismatic Universalist Church, and has a Masters in Theology. She hosts two weekly radio shows: one on faith and life, the other a call-in psychic medium show. She consults as a psychic medium and priest with paranormal groups in Northern Illinois and has been featured in the Casa Madrid episode of IPRA's "Believe: An Online Paranormal Experience."  In her grown-up life, she owns a consulting firm with her husband of 15 years, where she writes standardized tests and textbooks. This she does for money. Everything else she does for love. She and her legally obligated best friend, Mark, live in St. Charles with their two brilliant children and their two Chihuahuas, Pikachu and Myles.

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