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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC

Paranormal "U"

Quenching the thirst for paranormal knowledge.

When tools are not enough…we want to help quench your thirst for paranormal knowledge. Our focus is on the softer side of the paranormal. The parts you can’t touch with your hands…the parts that make you a more well-rounded investigator.

In 2009 TnT Paranormal Investigators was founded and in 2010 we launched Paranormal U as a tool to teach our new members and others in the field on the field of paranormal. Then in 2014 we created the Paranormal U training program to train our new members on the ins and outs of the paranormal field, research, and investigation. In 2016 we decided to take it to the next level, by having a weekly online training program that anybody can attend…and the best part is that it is FREE.

Paranormal "U" is a repository of paranormal related materials. Some written by us and some provided by others. Paranormal "U" consists of the following areas:

Weekly Tutorials

Articles (see below)

Tools of the Trade (see below)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Paranormal Glossary

Paranormal Articles Forum - you can find more articles

False Positives

Recommended Reading

Weekly Tutorials

Week 1 - Orbs  (Live on 9/12/2016)

Week 2 - Importance of Baseline Readings (Live on 9/19/2016)

Week 3 - Data Cross Checking Technique  (Live on 9/26/2016)

Week 4 - Basic Safety and Hidden Dangers (Live on 10/3/2016)

Week 5 - Deciding on a Team Structure (10/10/2016)


Latest Article:

The Bermuda Triangle (NEW July 2017)

Past Articles:

Investigations - Just the Basics (Rerun July 2014)


Tips for Audio Data Gathering

Types of Hauntings

What are Orbs?

What is Matrixing?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

How to check if your house is haunted?

The Wiccan Reed

Time Syncing Equipment

Cross Referencing Data (March 2011)

Use of Flashlights with Red Filters

Trespassing - Not Cool

Research Techniques (April 2011)

Carbon Monoxide and Delayed Neurological Syndrome - Hidden Dangers Series (May 2011)

Doppelgangers (June 2011)

Shadow People (July 2011)

Asbestos - Hidden Dangers Series (August 2011)

Ghost Hunting: Hunting for the Paranormal or the Supernatural? (Sept 2011)

Dirty Electricity (October 2011)

Dangers of EMFs (November 2011)

Light Spectrum (December 2011)

Black Eyed Kids (BEK) (January 2012)

Audio Ranges and Frequency (February 2012)

Glowing Plants and Fungi (March 2012)

Friday the 13th (April 2012)

What is better? Ghost Hunting in the Day or Night (May 2012)

What are Orbs? -- 2nd article on the subject (July 2012)

Provoking vs Trigger Objects (July 2012)

What is Matrixing and Pareidolia? (August 2012)

Origins of Halloween (September 2012)

Understanding Sleep Disorders (October 2012)

Tips for Debunking (November 2012)

Who is the Thin Man? (December 2012)

History of the Ouija Board (January 2013)

EVPs versus DVPs (February 2013)

Ambient vs Surface Temperature (March 2013)

Humidity - Why is it Important? (April 2013)

Importance of Baseline Readings (May 2013)

Power of the Moon (June 2013)

Sensations and Perception - Hearing (July 2013)

Using Sage and Crystals (August 2013)

Information on Shamans (September 2013)

Day of the Dead (October 2013)

Protection (November 2013)

Mediums and Psychics (December 2013)

Dybbuk Box (January 2014)

Epilepsy and the Paranormal (February 2014)

Witching Hour (March 2014)

Devils' Toy Box  (April 2014)

History of Paranormal Research (May 2014)

Tibetan Book of the Dead (June 2014)

Normal Home False Positives (August 2014)
Overview of Early Ghost Hunters (September 2014)
Children Perception and the Paranormal (October 2014) 
What is Santeria? (November 2014)
What is Jinn? (December 2014)
Non-Human Entities (January 2015)
Safety series: Histoplasmosis  (February 2015)
Responsibilities, Obligations, and Ethics   (March 2015)
Mass Hysteria Effect   (April 2015)
Cryptids  (May 2015)
Cross Referencing Data (Rerun from March 2011)
Top 5 Haunted Places in IL We Have Investigated According To Data Collected (August 2015)
Safety series: Listeria (September 2015)
Feedback from a Newbie (October 2015)
Energy Vampires (November 2015) 
Munchausen Syndrome (December 2015)
Responsibilities and Ethics of Paranormal Investigating (January 2016)
Religion and the Paranormal and Supernatural (February 2016)
Movies and Their Impact on the Paranormal(March 2016)
Canine Paranormal Investigators (April 2016)
Vortexes (May 2016)
Crop Circles (June 2016)
Worm Holes (July 2016) 
Alchemy (August 2016)
Ley Lines  (September 2016)
Alien Abductions  (October 2016)
Reincarnation  (November 2016)
Sacred Relics (December 2016)
Indigo Children (January 2017)
Demons (April 2017)
The Bermuda Triangle (NEW July 2017)


Tools of the Trade

Latest Article:

Paranormal Puck (NEW June 2017)

Past Articles:

Mel Meter (March 2011)

Zoom Handy Digital Recorder (April 2011)

Basic Tools (May 2011)

KII and Ghost Meters (June 2011)

Digital Video Recorder System (July 2011)

Audio Software  (August 2011)

Digital Recorders  (September 2011)

Camcorders (October 2011)

Photo Software  (November 2011)

Full Spectrum Camera (December 2011)

Kestrel (January 2012)

EM Pump (February 2012)

Parabolic Microphone (March 2012)

Thermometers (April 2012)

Human Mind (July 2012)

Smartphone "Ghost" Applications (August 2012)

Ovilus (September 2012)

Data Loggers (October 2012)

Laser Pen and Grid (November 2012)

Inductive Amplifier (December 2012) 

E-Pod (January 2013)

Barometric Pressure Gauge / Barometer (February 2013)

Understanding EXIF Data (March 2013)

Other Useful Tools (April 2013)

Shadow Sensors (May 2013)

Humidity Sensors (June 2013)

Beginners Guide to Audio Data Review (July 2013)

Beginners Guide to Video Data Review (August 2013)

Video Camera Technology (September 2013)

Video File Formats (October 2013)

Audio File Formats (November 2013)

Paranormal Investigating with a Mac (December 2013)

Photography Dos and Don'ts (January 2014)

Explanation of Audio and Light Ranges (February 2014)

TriField Natural EM Meter (March 2014)

How to Shield a Motion Detector (April 2014)

Comparison of Analog and IP Cameras (May 2014)

Video File Formats (June 2014)

Dowsing Rods and Crystals vs KII and Ghost Meters (July 2014)

Safety First (August 2014)

Websites with Useful Data   (September 2014)

Researching Tools  (October 2014)

Photography 101  (November 2014)

EchoVox  (December 2014)

Nerd Gun (aka Oscilloscope device) (January 2015)

Use of Non-English Languages (February 2015)

Little Known, but Useful Tools  (March 2015)

Paranormal Podcast Review  (April 2015)

Parabolic Microphone (May 2015)

Tools Used in the Early Days (June 2015)

Thermometers (Rerun April 2012) 

Rechargeable Batteries and Battery Packs (September 2015)

Ghost Hunting on the Cheap (October 2015)

Paranormal TV Shows (November 2015)

Thermal Imaging Camera (December 2015)

IR Lights (January 2016)

ION Counters (April 2016)

Rountree Voice Phenomena Recorder (RVPR) (May 2016)

EDI Meter (June 2016)

Paraspecs Video Glasses (July 2016)

Footstep Tracker (August 2016)

Faraday Cage  (September  2016)

Geomagnetometer  (October  2016)

Geiger Counters (November 2016)

Magnetic Storm Applications (December 2016)

Paranormal Puck (NEW June 2017)


Other Great Resources

For Photos, Orbs, Matrixing, etc.: