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Paranormal 107 - Legend Tripping in Florida

Join us as we take you through a virtual tour of some of the most haunted locations in Florida, local haunted gems, and other local locations they have investigated. As you take the virtual tour they will discuss some of the claims and stories from those locations, as well as review some of the data collected.


  • Who is TnT Paranormal?
  • What we do
  • What is Legend Tripping?
  • Types of Haunts
  • What is a Ghost?
  • What is an Orb?
  • What is a Light Anomaly?
  • What is Matrixing/Pareidolia?
  • What is an EVP?
  • What is a Disembodied Voice?
  • Data from Various Locations
  • Tell us about your Paranormal Experiences
  • Question and Answer

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