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Paranormal Glossary / Dictionary

Angel:  A divine being that acts as a messenger of God; a spirit that protects and offers guidance. (1)

Anomaly: Something that deviates from the norm or from expectations something strange and difficult to identify or classify. (1)

Attachment: The seeming connection a haunting or entity may have with an item, such as furniture or other personal belonging. Often, this type of haunting is noticed when an item is first brought into a location. When the item is again removed, the events related to the haunting cease. (1)

Apparition: An appearance of a supposed ghost; something or somebody strange and/or unexpected. (1)

Creeping:  Term used to describe the practice of sneaking or breaking into a supposed Haunted location.  Creeping is trespassing and is against the law.  You do not have to see a trespassing sign to be trespassing.

Debunk: To show something wrong or false. When an investigator finds simple and logical explanation for paranormal activity. Just because certain things can be debunked doesn't mean there is no paranormal activity, it just means that those portions of the activity may be ruled out as paranormal.  (1)

Demon: Hostile and resentful entity, supposedly of non-human origin, which some believe to be "fallen (from grace) angels."  (1)  Also known as a Non-Human Entity.  A haunting by a demon is called a Demonic or Non-Human Entity Haunting.

Dematerialize: To disappear or cause something to disappear physically or apparently. (1)

Disembodied Voice:  A voice heard during an investigation, but a source could not be found.

Ectoplasm: the theory of a residue left behind by spirits. Although no known ectoplasm has been collected and analyzed. It is thought to be seen via a vapor like mist or slime of various thickness and colors from transparent to black.  (1)

Electromagnetic Field:  Also known as an EMF.  Electromagnetic Radiation is energy that as it penetrates the surrounding areas creates EMFs.  All electronic, appliances, power wires, and power lines produce EMFs.  At higher levels EMFs can cause health issues and ill effects to humans.  A spike of an EMF from an unknown is theorized to be a ghost/spirit.

Entity: A generic term used to define paranormal spirit.  (1)

E.V.P: 'Electronic Voice Phenomena. Disembodied "voices" and sounds imprinted on audio recording devices that are not heard by the human ear. EVP's are the most common type of evidence a paranormal investigator collects. (1)

Exorcism: Ceremonial expulsion of invading spiritual/demonic entities from a person or dwelling, present in virtually every worldly culture. The Jewish and Catholic Christian faiths each have a formal 'Rite of Exorcism' to be conducted by the respective Rabbi or Priest. (1)

Ghost: The image of a person witnessed after his/her death, reflecting the appearance of the living, physical body yet less substantial. These forms often seem to exist in a dream-like state of semi-awareness, at times though not always cognizant of their human observers. (1)

Hitchhiker:  This is when a ghost, spirit , or entity (former human and/or non-human variety) follows an investigator home from a location.

Haunting: The manifestation of a ghostly presence, or presences, attached to a specific locale. A haunting can be categorized into many distinct types. Definitions of these and a more to come soon. (1)

Hot Spot: An area or location of higher or frequent activity of paranormal activity. (1)

Intelligent Haunting - This type of haunting involves paranormal activity where a ghost or spirit will interact with living beings, trying to communicate with them in some way.

Light Anomaly - A true paranormal "orb" that is viewed with the naked eye.  There are believed to be energy that is tied to a ghost/spirit. The true source of the energy is unknown.

Materialization: A ghost appearing visually, suddenly or gradually, sometimes indistinct, sometimes seemingly quite solid. (See also apparition)  (1)

Matrixing: When the mind starts seeing familiar patterns in things. Like when you look at a cloud and see familiar shapes like faces and animals that's matrixing. The human mind has a natural tendency to interpret sensory input. (1)

Non-Human Entity - See definition for Demon.

Occult: Relating to the paranormal the definition in simple terms would mean the supernatural, magic, witchcraft, or devil worship. (1)

Ouija Board: Pronounced "wee-gee" a trademark "game" board with letters and numbers other symbols and a pointer call a planchette by with answers to questions are spelled out, by supposedly spiritual forces. DO NOT BE FOOLED THIS IS NOT A GAME. This is thought to be a portal to another realm where the entities have been known to be negative. DO NOT EVER PLAY WITH A OUIJA BOARD only bad things can happen Experienced researchers vehemently advise against their usage. (1)

Orb: In theory orbs are a form of energy of unknown source which are believed to be disembodied spirits. A true spirit orb emit their own energy source or light. Most orbs found in paranormal investigations are just dust or bugs caught in the light of the cameras. Basically if it can be recreated by shaking a towel or flannel shirt it can't be taken seriously. (1)

Paranormal: An event that is unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge. (1)

Pentacle / Pentagram: The traditional five-pointed star design, with its interior pentagon delineated. (1)

Poltergeist: Means "noisy ghost" in German.  This is a type of haunting that some believe is not a ghost or a spirit, but rather a living being giving off kinetic energy causing the activity being experienced.  This is typically short lived and a result of extreme emotional stress or turmoil by a living being in the home.

Possession: Invasion of the human mind by a spiritual or demonic entity, where the invading agent for a span of time, influences or entirely subverts the personality of the human host. It is in these instances that the boundaries of psychology, religion and spiritualism are rendered less distinct. (1)

Preternatural: Is that which appears beyond or outside of the normal.  In contrast to the supernatural, preternatural phenomenon are presumed to natural explanations that are yet unknown.  To learn more click here. (2)

Shadow People: These unknown entities are exactly what they sound like Shadows in the shape of human beings mostly in a shadow like dark to a solid black coloration the true nature of this type of paranormal activity is still unknown and is subject to lots of interpretation. (1)

Spirit: The essence, energy or soul of a living or deceased person, animal or being. A spirit commonly refers to a ghost. (1)

Spirit Rescue: Attempting contact with entities, intended to alleviate the entities' distress and aid them in the resolution of their conflicts, and in "crossing over" to a higher, spiritual plane. (1)

Supernatural: Is that which is above or beyond that which one holds to be natural or exists outside natural law and the observable universe.  To learn more click here. (2)

Vortex: In the paranormal definition these are also subject to a lot of conjecture one theory is an area of high electromagnetic energy for some type of portal or doorway to another dimension that allows entities to travel back and forth from our dimension to theirs. (1)


Additional terms can be found on the United Paranormal International site.



(1) These terms are from our friends at Windy City Paranormal.

(2) These terms from Wikipedia.

All other terms provided by TnT Paranormal.