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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will I be charged for an Investigation?

Nothing. Our Investigations are 100% FREE from beginning to end including the written reports and CD's of all evidence captured. There are no fees associated with our services. 

What is the process of an investigation?

- We  receive a request for an Investigation
- We will contact you to set up a personal interview about your activity
- An appointment time and date will be set for the investigation
- The investigation will be performed.  
- We will need a minimum of 14 days to go over the data collected and compile a written report
- You will receive a call from us to set up an appointment to go over your report

* We reserve the right to turn down an investigation request if we feel that information given at the interview is false or untrue.

Can I be there or have friends over during the Investigation?

An investigation is not a social gathering nor is it time for a 'party type' atmosphere.  Our investigations are taken seriously and are conducted under calm 'quiet' conditions. If you are an impatient, talkative or anxious person then you may not have the desired personality for an investigation and may need to choose another family member to be present.

Will my Investigation be confidential?

Confidentiality is a must for our investigations unless specified in writing by the clients. At the  investigation each client is handed a confidentiality agreement indicating different levels of disclosure to choose from.

What is the difference among a ghost, a poltergeist and a haunting?

Despite popular belief, there are distinct differences among ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists:

  • Ghosts are spirits of people that have been caught between this plane of existence and the next. They are intelligent beings, often capable of interacting with the living.
  • Hauntings are recordings of an event on an event on an environment. They do not interact with the living.
  • Poltergeists are neither ghosts nor hauntings, but are caused by the unconscious mind of a living person, usually under some kind of stress.

It is worth noting that a combination of these phenomena can occur in one place. One can effect or even trigger another, which is why a variety of such phenomena can be found in a "haunting."

The above question and answer are from the paranormal section of   By , Guide

Special Note to potential clients:

Some folks are afraid to contact a paranormal group for fear that they will come in to their home and just 'stir things up'.  We do not perform séances, use Ouija Boards, provoke or do anything else that may have the potential to bring other spirits into the structure or anger any existing spirits. We show respect at all times for the home and any 'spiritual beings' during the investigation.  Our investigation methods are to come in with our scientifically based equipment and to try to physically document any activity that already exists in the home.  If we do rule out natural causes and come the determination that there is genuine paranormal activity in the home then a discussion will be held with the homeowner to determine a plan of action, if desired or necessary.