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Book:  Paranormal Investigations: Thinking Outside the Box

Author:   Paul Browning

Cost:  $8 plus S&H (from


This book is about thinking of creative ways to investigate for the paranormal without buying expensive equipment.  The chapters covered are:  Paranormal Gear (what to  wear), Going in "Hot", Request Signs, Provoking, The Paranormal Environment, Garnering Attention, and EVP Naming Conventions.    Paul is the founder of a group called Clarksville Ghost Hunters (which is no longer in existence).


I found a lot of great information in the book.  Some of it stuff I plan to incorporate into each invesigation, some that will be used if we need it, and some are things we were already doing (yippee).  The ideas are simple and no cost.  It's is left side thinking as he calls it.  Most of what he provides is just plain common sense, but sometimes you need another viewpoint to think of them.


Please note this is not a book for a beginner, but rather a team that is already in existence and has a baseline going.  The information provided is meant to build on that baseline.  


I give this book 4.75 out of five ghosts.


Best regards,

Melissa Tanner

Founder / Lead Investigator



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