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This book focuses on stories of her encounters as a medium, as well as her adventures as a profiler helping law enforcement agencies.  She uses humor, wit, and compasion to tell the stories and show us of her special gifts.  I loved to read the stories and hear how she helped put peoples minds at ease.


Allison is one of a small few that has been through thousands of hours of tests from several accredited universities to show/prove her abilities.  I am truly impressed by her abilities.


I love the TV show Medium, so it was no surprise that I found I loved books written by her as well.


I truly loved this and all of the Allison DuBois books. I hope she has more to come.


I give this book 5 out of 5 ghosts.

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I love the show Medium.  If Allison DuBois can do half the stuff she does on that show, she is an amazing woman.  I just may have to read one of her books.  She's the type of medium that we needed when we were searching for my grandfather.

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