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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC

About us!

We never charge a client for an investigation!

If you need help let us know. We are always looking for new cases!!!!
TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC, also known as TnT Paranormal, is a paranormal research and investigation team headquartered in Central Florida. TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC use approaches/methods, techniques, processes, and technologies to investigate client locations (residential or commercial) to evaluate their reports of paranormal activity. We use these tools and processes to determine if these experiences are natural/environmental, man-made, or paranormal. We will investigate with an open mind, but will not jump to conclusions. We will try to find man-made or natural causes while investigation claims. We do NOT use Ouija boards, witch boards, occult type of practices, or conduct séances.
We are dedicated to providing research, investigations, and documentation of paranormal activity as it relates to ghosts, spirits, and hauntings. We hope that the documentation of data will aid in our efforts in educating the public about, as well as encourage, understanding and awareness of paranormal activity.
TnT Paranormal primarily serve clients in SW Missouri, NW Oklahoma, NE Arkansas, and SE Kansas areas. Additionally, we are open to scheduling an investigation anywhere as long as schedules and time permits. If for some reason we are unable to investigate a location, we will work to find a local paranormal team to assist you with your needs. 
Each member is held to a very high standard of personal conduct and must sign a Code of Conduct to that effect. All investigators and researchers have passed a criminal background check. We also require that each investigator sign a liability waiver, so that in the unforeseen event that something happened during an investigation the client will not be held liable.
Confidentiality, respect, and welfare of our clients is very important to us. At no time will the client's identity, address, or other personal information be revealed in any way. We bring professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity to each case we work on.
TnT Paranormal Investigators was founded in 2009.

Our Mission:
At TnT Paranormal our primary mission is to try and help ease the client's concerns of their paranormal experiences. We research the background of the property, gather data during an onsite investigation, review that data to determine if any paranormal activity was captured, and provide the client with a report of our findings. We also use this time to educate our clients on the paranormal field and helping to ease their fears.
TnT Paranormal would love to assist you with your paranormal needs. If you would like to know more about our services, ask us questions, or to request an investigation please go to the Contact us  page. We will reply as soon as possible.

To learn more about Membership with TnT Paranormal go to our Membership Page.

We specialize in things that go bang in the night! 
TnT Paranormal is an unofficial non-profit entity, meaning while not officially filed under any type of tax status, we do not make a profit.