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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC


TnT Paranormal Network (TPN) - Wisconsin Chapter

TPN-WI Chapter is a paranormal research and investigation team based in Wisconsin. TPN-WI uses the same approaches/methods, techniques, processes, and technologies to investigate client locations that we at TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC use. To learn more about us click here.

Meet the Staff for TPN-WI


Lead Investigator and Chapter Coordinator

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Denys Blazer, has a large family of 7 including himself and his wife, he has a son who is 23 a daughter who is 20 a son who is 17 a son who is 12 and daughter who is 9. When Denys was younger he studied, the martial arts, mentored new students as they came in and even became a head instructor for the kwoon until he started teaching on my own. All his children were raised around Shaolin Kung Fu movies as that is the art that he loved. Now his 12-year-old son is following in his footsteps.

Denys and his family love to travel and that is how he got into the paranormal, they would always take the time to seek out a destination that offered ghost tours of its city. Denys' family loved it so much that everywhere they went for a vacation they would always find a ghost tour of a city, and adjust their route or even detour if it's near their destination.

Denys' felt driven to find out more about how to do the field research and sought out a local group in the Milwaukee area, after 2 years Denys realized he wanted to take a break from that group as he wanted to experiment with other ways of investigating, so they amicably departed as friends.

Now Denys is so excited to be with TnT Paranormal. Denys has an open mind, but he does believe that 95% of most claims can be explained away as natural causes or human error.  It's the other 5% that keeps Denys so excited to be in the field.

In Denys' spare time he enjoys going on field trips with his younger children and he can always be found at local dog parks in Milwaukee as he has two dogs, a Boxer name Dexter and a Great Pyrenees named Luman.


Investigator and Case Manager

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Jann has always had an interest in paranormal phenomenon, but has only been seriously investigating for four years. In that time she has done many investigations in famously haunted locations as well as private residences. Through the experiences she has had during her time as an investigator, Jann has moved from being a rigid non-believer to becoming open to the idea that there are things in the world that are as of yet unexplainable and exist beyond her belief paradigm.

Jann is interested in learning as much as possible about technology and hopes to use it as a means to close the gap between normal and paranormal. She believes that consistencies in the environmental conditions that occur concurrently with events that are perceived as paranormal can be mapped and thus may ultimately make paranormal activity predictable. It is her feeling that if activity can be predicted, it can be tested more easily and hopefully this will lead to a better understanding of what causes people to have paranormal experiences.

In addition to investigating, Jann loves doing public events and meeting other investigators. She finds interacting with others is a great way to learn new things and about great haunts! Jann has helped organize and host several successful events and truly enjoys meeting people who are interested in learning about paranormal investigation.