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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC


Shadows & Smoke: TnT Paranormal Network (TPN) - New Mexico Chapter

Shadows & Smoke is a paranormal research and investigation team based in New Mexico. Shadows & Smoke uses the same approaches/methods, techniques, processes, and technologies to investigate client locations that we at TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC use. To learn more about us click here.

Meet the Staff for Shadows & Smoke


Lead Investigator and Chapter Coordinator

Stephen is a proud Scorpio and considers the so-called "negative" traits of that sign as strengths to celebrate rather than stifle. 


Case Manager

Kristine is the Case Manager for Shadows & Smoke and has had experiences since she was a  young girl, which parked her interest in the paranormal field.  As a member of Shadows & Smoke, Kristin is studying all aspects of the paranormal and uses her skills as an educator to interview clients and assess locations.


Investigator & Cryptozoologist

Teri grew up in Tucson AZ loving the great outdoors and participating in camping, hiking, fishing and cave exploration with her family. As a child, she would rescue, small, sick or injured animals and baby birds, nurse them back to health and release them back in to the wild. In college she studied Marine Biology at the CEDO (Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans) Institute in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. On a winter day in February of 2010, Teri and her husband were out in a remote part of their property and discovered a set of 14 inch long, bare footprints in the snow. When she started inquiring around the Edgewood, NM area about the possibility of there being Big Foot living nearby, the most common response was… “Well, there are all those caves under the town of Edgewood, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Big Foot living there.” Spurred on by the “what ifs” Teri took online classes and in 2013, she became a certified Cryptozoologist. She has been hunting Big Foot, Chupacabras, Aliens and the paranormal ever since.