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Welcome to the official site of TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC!

We never charge a client for an investigation!

To reach us please go to the Contact Us page or send us an email. Feel free to visit our team Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. If you would like to signup for our monthly newsletter, Bumps in the Night!!!, and receive other email announcements click here or email us and say "Opt In for Distribution List" in the subject line.


07/03/2014The Paranormal Roundtable PodcastInterviewed Founder and Team Lead, Melissa Tanner, and CEO of  Central NH Paranormal Society,  David Currier,  on July 3, 2014 for show #4.

06/30/2014 - The July 2014 issue of our newsletter, Bumps in the Night!!!!, is now available. This issue includes the following articles:  Just the Basics, St. Augustine Lighthouse, an interview of  Robbin Terry, owner of Haunted “R” Theater and Ashmore Estates, Dowsing Rods/Crystals vs KII/Ghost Meters, and Seeing is Believing.  As well as new columns by Chad Stambaugh (Paranormal Corner) and Kathy Covey (Paranormal Short Stories).  Over the next few months we will be introducing other new columns…so be on the lookout for them.


06/21/2014 - We are excited to announce our first Chapter team to the NEW TnT Paranormal Network; TnT Paranormal Network (TPN) – WI Chapter.  The WI Chapter will be lead by Zachery Cook and will provide services in Wisconsin.  Zachery comes to TPN with close to 8 years experience investigating with 3 different teams.  We are excited to have him aboard and look forward to working with him and the WI Chapter.  

So on that note we are looking for team member and clients for the WI Chapter.  If you would like to know more about membership and/or know of a person in need of our services please contact us at or learn more at


06/18/2014 - TnT Paranormal Network - We at TnT Paranormal Investigators are looking to form chapters of our organization in other parts of IL, the Midwest, and the US.  Click here to learn more.


05/29/2014 - In Memoriam.  Annette Turner, February 5, 1964 – May 29, 2014

06/30/2014 UPDATED - Upcoming Investigations at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum:

In May we will be hosting a public reveal of our investigations at and tour of the Arlington Heights Historical Museum


Then, in August and October we will be offering four (4) "Investigate with TnT Paranormal" events at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum (Arlington Heights, IL).  Go to the "Investigate Beverage Factory" page to learn more.  To register for one of these "Investigate with TnT Paranormal" events click here.


06/30/2014 UPDATED  - We have openings for some positions on the team. Click here to learn which positions. Additionally, we are also looking for professionals from various fields to act as consultants on cases, such as: pharmacists, meteorologists, clergy, shaman, historians, and people in the medical field. If you are in one of these fields and would like to assist a paranormal team please email us at

The Paranormal Awards (2014) Nominations

Both the team and lead investigator, Melissa Tanner, received nominations for the 2014 Paranormal Awards.   The winner of the awards will be decided in June 2014.  To learn more click here.

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TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC is an unofficial non-profit entity, meaning while not officially filed under a tax status, we do not make a profit.  Team founded in 2009 and officially became an LLC in 2010.
DISCLAIMER - We do not guarantee success nor do we offer any medical, mental health, legal or spiritual advice or provide guidance or treatment services. It is recommended everyone get checked regularly for all medical health issues including mental and physical well being.

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